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It is our mission to make the world a greener place for us and our future generations

China Zhongwang has come a long way since its establishment almost a quarter of a century ago. We have witnessed the rapid rise in the application of aluminium across different industries in mainland China and have undergone business transformation and expansion to grow alongside the industry. Today, China Zhongwang is a leading fabricated aluminium product developer and manufacturer with strong design and production capabilities covering extrusions, flat rolling and advanced processing.

China is not only a major aluminium producer but also the world’s largest consumer of aluminium-based products. Aluminium has increasingly become a material of choice under the lightweight development trend. Immense opportunities are seen especially in the transportation sector, where the lightweight material facilitates higher energy efficiency with reduced emissions. Our business strategy is to focus primarily on the mainland China market, supplemented with expansion overseas.  We are confident that China Zhongwang will continue to benefit from the increased usage of these products in our own country and around the world.  


It is our mission and firm commitment to make our world a greener place for our future generations. To this end, we have made continual investments in R&D to stay at the cutting edge of technology development. Extensive investments have also been made in our production facilities to provide an energy-efficient, eco-friendly work environment for our employees. We hope that our committed efforts will contribute to a greener world and yield positive return to our investors.

Founder and Chairman
Liu Zhongtian