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Our Philosophy: Creating Prosperity through Cultivating Loyalty and Dedication towards Stakeholders

Delivering sustainable corporate development, promoting industry prosperity and contributing to society define the unremitting pursuits of China Zhongwang. Our name, comprising the two Chinese characters "Zhong" and "Wang" meaning loyalty, dedication and prosperity, clearly spell out our ambition - creating prosperity by promoting loyalty and dedication towards our stakeholders. China Zhongwang offers a safe, comfortable workplace and good career advancement opportunities that allow its employees to excel and devote themselves fully to their work. Their dedication and professional attitude in serving our customers will in turn contribute to the Group’s business expansion and wealth creation, ultimately benefiting our society as a whole. This people-oriented philosophy of China Zhongwang is encapsulated in the Company’s Chinese name.


Our Belief: Pursuing Excellence for a Promising Future

The quest for excellence has been one of the driving forces that fuelled China Zhongwang’s rapid, continuous growth over the past two decades. Chairman Liu’s dictum that “perseverance and determination are the keys to growth” has been a core guiding principle familiar to all at China Zhongwang. The determination to become an industry leader also embraces our unrelenting aspiration for innovation and technological advancement.


Our Mission: A World Class International Producer and Developer of Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Products

Going forward, China Zhongwang will continue to evolve its business model and further optimise its product mix, switching increasingly to high-end, high value-added products. We will seek both vertical integration by extending our foothold in other segments of the aluminum industry value chain, and horizontal expansion through enriching our product offerings. Our goal is to further develop China Zhongwang into a dominant producer of aluminum extrusion products with strong capabilities on all fronts, both domestically and globally, particularly in management standards, R&D expertise, service levels and product quality.


Our Values: Creating Value for Customers, Offering Growth and Development Opportunities to our Employees, Generating Positive Returns for Shareholders and Undertaking Social Responsibilities for a Harmonious World

Creating value for customers.  China Zhongwang believes that it is only through value creation and growing hand-in-hand with its clients that it can continue to remain competitive in the industry. We are fully committed to helping our customers expand their business interest, thereby creating optimal value for them.

Offering growth and development opportunities to our employees. A key contributor to our rapid development is our employees. Occupational health and safety remain one of our top priorities.  We are fully committed to offering our employees the opportunity to realise their career goals and potential by providing them comprehensive training and a harmonious working environment. .
Generating positive returns for shareholders.  Achieving sustainable earnings growth and delivering strong operational results have been China Zhongwang’s pledge to inve6stors and shareholders. Our ultimate goal is to reward them with favourable returns.
Undertaking social responsibilities for a harmonious world. As a responsible corporate citizen, we strive to reduce our operational carbon footprint to foster a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. We manage our business with integrity. We create job opportunities and generate wealth for our employees and society. Gaining from the community we operate in, we believe in giving back to society and have therefore participated in various charity and community events actively.


Operational vision: Establishing a world-class enterprise that delivers quality products trusted by customers worldwide.

Enterprises today compete for businesses and for talents.  China Zhongwang’s strong pool of talent is not only the greatest impetus for its innovations and developments but also forms the Group’s future growth driver.
“Customers first” means more than a motto to us.  It is what the employees of China Zhongwang practice every day. We respond promptly to customer requirements and their ever-changing demands to ensure a favourable market reception for our products and services.