Aluminium Flat Rolling

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Aluminium Flat Rolling

China Zhongwang’s foray into the aluminium flat rolling business underscores its ambition to be the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end processed products. Aluminium flat-rolled products are expected to be the Group’s long-term growth driver and will extend its industry chain further.   


The Group has established a production base of 7 million square meters in Tianjin province. When it becomes fully operational, the project will feature the world’s largest and best-equipped facility for aluminium flat rolling production at a single location.

Besides processing small-volume orders on a trial basis, the Group has accelerated the pace of product certification and braced itself for the continually rising demand from automotive, aviation and ship-building customers both domestically and internationally.

The project was awarded three quality management system accreditations, including the management system certificates for aerospace and automobile industries, laying a foundation for the products to enter the high-end market. Upon completion, the project is expected to enable China achieve self-sufficiency in these products.