Aluminum Extrusion

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Aluminium Extrusion

As Asia’s largest industrial aluminium extrusion developer and manufacturer with an annual production capacity of over 1 million tonne, we adopt a unique four-in-one business model  integrating product development, die design and manufacturing, alloy smelting & casting as well as advanced equipment under one roof to provide one-stop services. We have the largest smelting and quenching equipment in China as well as unique equipment and technology for degassing. Employing this model, we can help customers detect defects in production composition and quality, enable sampling in a timely manner as well as solve problems occurring in the extrusion process.

Smelting and Casting

China Zhongwang has imported cutting-edge smelting and casting production lines from the United States, Canada and South Korea. With these advanced production hardware and expertise, our plant is capable of making aluminium alloy ingots, ranging from 1xxx to 7xxx series, tailored to customer requirements. The largest diameter of the aluminium alloy ingots we have ever produced is 582mm.


Advanced Equipment

China Zhongwang currently operates 93 globally advanced aluminium extrusion production lines, with press sizes ranging from 5MN to 125MN. Of these, 21 sets of extrusion press are 75MN or above. Two sets of 225MN presses will enter operation as early as 2017.

We are also equipped with other first-class machines such as the Behringer high-precision band sawing machines from Germany, 24MN hydraulic stretching straighteners and vertical solution heat treatment furnaces, enabling us  to manufacture products that meet the diverse and specific demands of customers.


Die Design & Manufacturing

We operate one of the most advanced die design centres in Asia.  Our world-class professionals are capable of carrying out independent research in die design to fulfil specific customer demands. The Group’s R&D research team offers strong technical support for the making of high-tech dies with reliable and stable quality, to satisfy the production needs of various kinds of high precision aluminium extrusion profiles.


Product Development

Entrusted with the three principal roles of research, design and testing, our R & D centre is based in Liaoning province of China and oversees the Group’s production value chain. The centre is backed a 380-strong team of engineers and other staff, who innovate on a daily basis to create lighter, stronger, greener and more cost-efficient products for tomorrow. Our team also works collaboratively with universities and science and research organizations.  Our R & D facility has been officially named a “State Accredited Enterprise Technology Centre”, a “State CNAS Laboratory” and a ‘Provincial Enterprise Technology Centre’.   

Operationally, this winning formula has guided the operation of the Group’s manufacturing base in Liaoning province with sustained success. Consistent efforts made by the Group to maintain high standards of product quality, quality management and production capabilities have been recognized in China and internationally, judging by the major quality and safety accreditations and awards it has received.