• Frame for Left Door Assembly

    Frame for Left Door Assembly

  • Engine Gusset

    Engine Gusset

  • Front Cabin Assembly

    Front Cabin Assembly

  • Rear Floor Assembly

    Rear Floor Assembly

Zhongwang Group embraces the global trend of light-weight development in the automotive industry. As the weight of aluminium is only one-third of that of steel, replacing steel by aluminium can reduce the weight of vehicle bodies by 30% to 40%, of engines by 30%, of radiator by 20% to 40%, and of wheels by about 50%. A light-weight body can greatly improve the vehicle’s speed and control capabilities. Furthermore, the high-strength of aluminium can boost the safety performance of the automotive.

The Group possesses comprehensive capabilities from independent design to manufacturing and processing for usage in the automotive industry. It has made important breakthroughs in vehicle design and integrated design of aluminium alloy battery frame, as well as developed new aluminium parts and vehicle bodies for a number of customers in the field of transportation. Moreover, the Group has reserved sufficient resources for investments and the expansion of production capability when necessary for the long-term development of the deep processing business, which propels the Group’s transformation into an integrated light-weight solutions provider.