Advanced Equipment and Cutting-edge Technology

Vehicle body assembly welding system

The vehicle body welding system in Zhongwang is manufactured by IGM Company in Austria, the system is suitable for assembling and welding of aluminium train body parts with a length of 28 meters and a width of 2.6 to 3.4 meters. The system can perform not only automatic welding of the longitudinal welds between side chassis, side walls and top covers of the compartment, but also perform the assembly and welding of two compartments simultaneously.

Numerical Controlled Stretch Bending Machine

The stretch bending machine in Zhongwang is equipped with the most advanced numerical controlled system in the world, each moving axle is controlled by the servo-hydraulic system, which can accurately control the tension and displacement in real time. The numerical controlled programme also has a self-learning function. The pulling force of the drawing cylinder of the stretch bending machine is between 4 to75 tonnes, suitable for aluminium profiles in the size of 2 to 6 meters. The die for the stretch bending machine is designed and manufactured in-house, assuring the stability of product quality.

Cantilever Welding Robot

The maximum moving range of the cantilever welding robot manufactured by IGM Company in Austria is 9.2m x 3m. Its welding manipulator adopts 6-axis structure, making each joint arm move swiftly and smoothly. The cantilever welding robot is driven by AC servo motor, which enables numerical control programming, driving excellent performance including compact structure, high output, fast response and high reliability.

Welding Robot

Zhongwang is equipped with welding robots from ABB. The welding robot runs steadily with a Mean Time Between Failures (“MTBF”) of more than 80,000 hours. Meanwhile, given its well-built structural design and low motor power required, the energy consumption of this robot system is at least 30% lower than other brands. It will be more convenient for us to do the maintenance and repair due to its modular structure. The ABB robot control system is compatible to the robot body, resulting in a convenient and efficient operation.