Four-in-one Business Model

25MT tilting melting furnace

Smelting and Casting

China Zhongwang possesses cutting-edge smelting and casting equipment. With these advanced production hardware and expertise, our plant is capable of making aluminium alloy ingots, ranging from 1xxx to 7xxx series, tailored to customer requirements.

Ultra-large 225MN extrusion press

Advanced Extrusion Equipment

China Zhongwang currently operates the largest number of large-scale aluminium extrusion presses. It has over 90 aluminium extrusion production lines, including 23 production lines of large-scale aluminium extrusion presses of 75MN or above, as well as two internationally advanced ultra-large 225MN extrusion presses.

The largest industrial aluminium die design and manufacturing centre in Asia

Die Design & Manufacturing

China Zhongwang operates one of the most advanced die design centres of special industrial aluminium extrusion products in Asia. All of our extrusion dies are produced locally.

World-class R&D centre

Product R&D

Zhongwang has 2,191 R&D and quality experts, and has established a number of R&D units including a national-level technology centre, a state-local collaborated research centre, a national-level post-doctoral workstation, as well as a key laboratory.