Advanced Equipment and Cutting-edge Technology

Melting furnace

The circular top-charged melting furnace provided by the Swiss company Gautschi can achieve a higher melting rate as compared to the traditional reflex furnace. The circular vault and reasonable burner distribution around the furnace help transfer heat to the furnace charge effectively to reduce energy consumption, while achieving the shortest charging time, further reducing heat loss and energy consumption.

Casting Machine

The new technology introduced in the casting machine imported by Zhongwang from Wagstaff can improve the success rate of hard alloy casting. At the same time, to ensure the structural quality of the aluminium slabs, the casting level in the machine is precisely controlled, the temperature of the aluminium liquid in the mold is ensured even by distributing flume, while the constant temperature of the cooling water ensures constant cooling speed of the slabs. Also, the control of the casting process is easy, repeatable and fully automated, leading to high product consistency.

Hot Rolling Mill

Zhongwang imported its advanced five-rack hot rolling mill from SMS Siemag. The equipment consists of five hot rolling sets and five irreversible rolling sets. It adopts SMS’ patented CVC technology and is fast in rolling speed and thin in crimp thickness.

Cold Rolling Mill

Zhongwang imported its cold rolling mill from SMS Siemag. The equipment adopts the patented CVC technology, boasting high flexibility in adjusting the plate type control, precise thickness control with very little deviation, and high rolling speed. The equipment is even able to implement hot-oil spray system and flatness control for the edge parts.