Rail Transportation

  • Aluminium for High-speed Rail Roof

    Aluminium for High-speed Rail Roof

  • Aluminum High-speed Train Carriage

    Aluminum High-speed Train Carriage

  • Skirtboard for High-speed Train

    Skirtboard for High-speed Train

High-speed rail is a major user of aluminium extruded products, which contribute to 85% of the materials used in a single high-speed train body. High-speed trains that travel at speeds greater than 200km per hour must be light-weight, sealed, and made with anti-corrosive materials. China’s high-speed rail industry has been taking advantage of the light-weight, high-strength, anti-corrosive, and plasticity characteristics of aluminium, constructing almost all rail vehicles with the material.

Zhongwang Group has developed and manufactured aluminium extruded products for high-speed rails rated at speeds of 300km/h, 350km/h to 400km/h. Such products include large-section parts such as locomotive plates, which Zhongwang Group is among a handful of manufacturers capable of producing. Zhongwang Group is also the key supplier of the aluminium body for China’s world-leading new generation of high-speed train – the Renaissance EMU.