Corporate Factsheet

Share Information

  • Stock Code 01333
  • Share Issued 5.45 billion shares
  • Fiscal Year 31 December
  • Currency HKD
  • Industry Nonferrous Metal

Company Overview

  • China Zhongwang(HKSE code:01333) is the second largest industrial aluminium extrusion product developer and manufacturer in the world and the largest in Asia.
  • The Group focuses primarily on the manufacture and sales of a variety of high-end and high value-added fabricated aluminium products that are widely used in the transportation, machinery and equipment, and electric power engineering sectors.
  • Integrated light-weight solution provider: Committed to the R&D and manufacture of high-end aluminium products to facilitate the light-weight development in end-use sectors, the Group aspires to become the world’s most competitive integrated developer and manufacturer of high end aluminium products.
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Investment Highlights

  • Efficient Operation

    Strict risk management under the efficient management team to enhance debt-paying ability while maintaining healthy asset management.
  • Emphasis on R&D

    Continues to allocate 3% of total revenue in R&D.
  • Dividend Payout

    Dividend Payout
  • Strong Profitability

    Continuously improve added value of products to further optimise product mix and enhance profitability.
  • Accreditation

    Obtained authoritative accreditations from automobile, shipping, railway and aerospace industry, qualified for the production fora wide range of industries.
  • Privilege

    Continues to enjoy the preferential corporate income tax of 15% as a “high and new technology enterprise”.

Three Core Businesses

  • Aluminium Extrusion

    The core business in seasoned operation.
    High-end, large-section aluminium extrusion products, mainly used in transportation, machinery & equipment, and electric power engineering sectors.
  • Deep Processing

    The developing profit growth driver.
    Processes such as cutting, welding, polishing, machining and surface treatment added value to fabricated aluminium products.
  • Flat Rolling

    A newly-developed growth momentum for the long run.
    High quality flat rolled products, used in a wide range of industries including transportation, machinery & equipment, chemical containers and packaging.

2016 Annual Results Highlights

Growth Momentum

  • Production

    Commence production of the first aluminium flat rolling production line in Tanjin,providing steady impetus for theGroup's long-term development.
  • Consolidation

    Continue to implement production optimization and expansion to consolidate overall profitability.
  • Optimisation

    Enrich high-end product portfolio and increase proportion of high-value-added products.
  • R&D

    Enhance R&D and accelerate technological innovation to improve comprehensive strengths.