Liaoning Zhongwang Recognised as a High and New Technology Enterprise

Time:06 April 2017 Font size

Zhongwang Group has recently been named a "high and new technology enterprise". This is the second time Zhongwang Group has received such an honour since 2013 when the Group first received this recognition. 

Zhongwang has met the requirements stipulated in "Administrative Measures for Determination of High and New Technology Enterprises" issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation. Four Government departments of Liaoning Province, including Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, and the State Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau, have jointly issued the Notice of "Recognition of 2016 High and New Technology Enterprise from Liaoning Province". Zhongwang is pleased to have been among the companies being recognised. 

In the past three years, Zhongwang's R&D centre adhered to "scientific and technological innovation" and achieved fruitful results in organisation structure, management system, personnel, and scientific and technological development. The Group has set up an integrated R&D department with expertise in product development, technology management, information collection and analysis, intellectual property rights and environmental protection, and was honoured with national qualifications including the "National-Recognized Enterprise Technology Centre", "National Local Joint Laboratory" and "National Public Service Platform". 

A spokesperson of Zhongwang said, "The recognition as a high and new technology enterprise will strengthen the Group's competitive edges when undertaking national projects and applying special funds, thus will further the Group's foothold in the industry."