Liaoning Zhongwang Group Receives its First Recognition as a "National Technology Innovation Model Enterprise"

Time:07 April 2017 Font size

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ("MIIT") and the Ministry of Finance have recently announced the list of "2016 National Technological Innovation Model Enterprises". For the first time, Liaoning Zhongwang Group ("Zhongwang") was on the list. It is another national recognition that Zhongwang has received, following the honours of "State Accredited Enterprise Technology Center", "High and New Technology Enterprise", "National-local Collaborated Research Centre", and others. 

The criteria for the selection of "National Technology Innovation Model Enterprises" comprise six aspects, namely, core competitiveness, continuous innovation, driving ability in branding and industry, profitability and management skills, application of new technology, and innovative development strategies and culture. Zhongwang achieved outstanding performance in the above six aspects, thus received recognition from the relevant departments and judging panel. 

A spokesperson from Zhongwang said that being a "National Technological Innovation Model Enterprise" would strengthen the Group's leading position in the aluminium industry, which would further enhance its self-innovation capability, accelerate the construction of scientific and technological innovation system, as well as promote the innovation-driven development strategies. 

It is reported that the MIIT and the Ministry of Finance will conduct dynamic management of the "National Technological Innovation Model Enterprises", and the performance of the company will be reviewed every three years. Zhongwang is the only enterprise in Liaoning Province which received the title of "National Technological Innovation Model Enterprise", among the 69 enterprises in China which have garnered this accolade this year.