Liaoning Zhongwang Group Conducts Staff Training on Production Safety

Time:09 June 2017 Font size

Liaoning Zhongwang Group lately conducted training on production safety, aiming to enhance the awareness and safe operation skills of the staff. The training will help to prevent safety accidents, therefore will enable the Group to achieve its production safety target in 2017. The training was arranged and coordinated by the Safety Supervision Department, and it turned out a great success with full support from all departments.


A variety of courses with focus on production safety were provided to the staff during the training. Topics covered including the "ten rules for production safety", "understand violation" and "60 common violations",as well as the latest updates on concept, laws and regulations about production safety. The Safety Supervision Department referred to past violation cases with in-depth cause analysis to improve the staff’s safety awareness and emergency response ability.  


Liaoning Zhongwang Group has been actively implementing the production safety responsibility mechanism in recent years. Through all kinds of activities including knowledge system development, trainings and contest, the Group strengthened the awareness and skills of production safety of its staff, which paved the way to achieve its target of "zero accident in production"for the year.