Tianjin Zhongwang Passes the Accreditation of the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS)

Time:26 July 2017 Font size

Recently, Tianjin Zhongwang has successfully passed the certification audit of IRIS by the international quality certification body TÜV NORD and obtained a certificate.


IRIS is the abbreviation of International Railway Industry Standard, as a set of standards for the quality management system of the railway industry, it was developed by the Association of European Railway Industries (UNIFE) on the basis of ISO 9001: 2000 and is recognized and supported by the leading suppliers of transportation systems, such as Bombardier, Siemens, Alstom and Ansaldo Breda. Currently, the IRIS standard has become the authority of the railway industry management standards, playing an extremely important role for the railway suppliers around the world in terms of evaluation, control and constraints.


IRIS, being the quality management system for railway industry, embodies the product life cycle as the core of its management theory, increasing the special requirements on safety, reliability and quality of railway products, in order to ensure customer satisfaction under a reasonable cost while manufacturing world-class products.


Receiving the IRIS certificate means that the aluminium plate for vehicle body produced in Tianjin Zhongwang has obtained a passport into the international market, that will further enhance the recognition and visibility of Zhongwang brand in the global market.