Liaoning Zhongwang Group Organises Staff Training on Production Safety

Time:25 January 2018 Font size

Lately, over 25,000 front-line employees in Liaoning Zhongwang Group participated in the training on safety management and production which lasted for one month and a half. The Group has been proactively implementing the safety production responsibility mechanism to strengthen the safety management level in all production units and to raise the safety awareness of all employees under the principle of "Safety First, Emphasis on Prevention, Comprehensive Management".


The training adopted the process of registration, lecture, exams, and scoring. A comprehensive curriculum including advanced safety production concepts, related laws and regulations, accident management methods was also developed for the training. It reinforced the employees’ safety awareness and capabilities in accident prevention and management.


The trainers presented and analysed real cases to illustrate potential safety hazards and risk management methods to the trainees. The training also provided in-depth investigation and demonstration of specific problems the staff may encounter during various production procedures. Meanwhile, the trainees took on-site examinations to strengthen understanding of the key messages delivered during the courses.


Liaoning Zhongwang Group has been readily implementing the production safety responsibility mechanism in recent years. Through conducting all kinds of activities including knowledge system development, trainings and contests, the Group helped strengthen the staff’s awareness and skills of production safety, laying grounds to achieve the target of “zero accident in production” for the year.  


Photo caption: Liaoning Zhongwang Group organised Staff Training on Production Safety.