China Zhongwang and FAW Group Co-develop China’s First “All-aluminium Body + All-aluminium Chassis” Passenger Vehicle

Time:11 April 2018 Font size

China Zhongwang Holdings Limited (“China Zhongwang” or the “Group”) has partnered with FAW Group Corporation (“FAW”) to co-develop the first “all-aluminium body + all-aluminium chassis” passenger vehicle in China, and the vehicle has successfully passed the road test. China Zhongwang, thereby, became the first among domestic aluminium manufacturers capable of independent design and manufacture of passenger vehicle with all-aluminium body and all-aluminium chassis structure, strengthening its advantages as an integrated light-weight solutions provider. 

The project emphasises the application of “aluminium in lieu of steel” in urban public transportation. With a total length of 12 metres, the tested passenger vehicle is the first in China equipped with all-aluminium body and chassis structure, which fills the void in the application of aluminium in automotive chassis. By making reference to the design of the high-speed rail trains, China Zhongwang followed the strict standards of welding and assembly in the vehicle’s body design and manufacture. While achieving the vehicle’s functional and safety standards such as rigidity and strength, the aluminium passenger vehicle also attained a 20% reduction in overall weight and 10% decrease in fuel consumption as compared to steel-made passenger vehicles. Leveraging its leading technology and outstanding production techniques, the Group has struck a balance between safety standards and the light-weight attribute of the passenger vehicle.

The person in charge of the automotive project at China Zhongwang said, "This partnership highlights the Group’s mature technology in manufacturing aluminium chassis of passenger vehicles, paving the way for the Group to further develop a myriad of products in the new energy transportation sector. With extensive experience in developing and manufacturing all-aluminium vehicles, the Group has been the supplier of the aluminium body frame of BYD’s electric passenger vehicle. In addition, the Group successfully designed, developed, and manufactured the electric passenger vehicle with aluminium-intensive body for Brilliance Auto in 2015.”

The project leader of FAW added, "FAW has placed importance in China Zhongwang’s strong R&D capabilities, professional qualifications and accreditations in various industry, as well as the experiences in manufacturing aluminium passenger vehicles. In this project, China Zhongwang not only supplied all the aluminium parts, but also collaborated with us to complete a series of procedures including structure design optimisation, material testing, production techniques assessment, prototype examination etc.”

As ecological and low-carbon economy has become China’s national strategy, the fuel consumption limits on vehicles have been tightening, driving light-weight solution to become a new business direction for automakers. With its foresight in developing new energy automotive, China Zhongwang has been raising the proportion of high value-added products and emphasising industrial collaborations. It has reserved adequate resources in response to the rapid development of new energy market in China.